Welcome to PR that works.  What we call Brand Journalism

Journalism on behalf of a brand – that’s what we do.  Brand journalism isn’t new but few PR agencies truly apply its techniques. Here at Sarum it is our hallmark.

It underpins everything that we do – our approach, our agility, our relationship with journalists and our repeated, long term success.

Sarum boasts a great depth of journalists on the team so its no surprise that we employ journalistic techniques to create compelling content, content that uses all the skills and techniques of traditional journalism, to craft a memorable story, and present that to an audience that needs, wants, values or is entertained by it.  We then tell those stories across a blend of multi media and social media channels.

Simples!  Just like all good editors and journalists we focus on informing and entertaining the reader.

Our clients understand that Sarum’s Brand Journalism techniques will deliver them success time and time again and our award-winning track record more than evidences this approach.

So Brand Journalism is communicating without selling, or at least not pushing product.   It differs from journalism in that it does include some of our clients’ incisive messaging. We turn the tables from issuing press releases and waiting to get reported on, to providing the media with a story/feature/commentary up front. Executed well, Brand Journalism enables clients to become self publishers/take the story directly to press/sometimes bypass and publish themselves.

Our reputation of working this way for close to 20 years has earned us the respect of journalists, editors, market watchers and clients alike.

To work out how to get the most for each company, all client engagements begin with a workshop to define their Communications Waterfall – a technique we’ve developed that strongly underpins our success in consistent, integrated communications.

First we agree the key market themes, then our client’s voice to those themes. We don’t communicate a client voice unless we’re convinced there’s an audience that wants to hear it.

We identify the subject matter experts to express that voice and finally the channels to communicate it. Those channels will be broad and integrated to maximise successful reach and coverage.

Put simply – we push at open doors and it is hugely effective.  Our clients tell us so.

communications waterfall infographic