From Start Ups to Software Giants

Sarum is fortunate to have worked with a wide range of US, European and UK-based software and services companies.

Our clients are varied in size and technology discipline and represent a mix of retainer and fixed-term engagements.

What they share in common is an understanding that to communicate well, they need to have willing listeners. Sarum clients don’t crave PR agencies that simply communicate their messages – they crave a fresh, opinionated and experienced team that tell them what will work, what will get coverage and what will ignite conversations.

An approach that means we can get on with making a real difference to their communications and reach.

SH Logo horizontal 2016
Schlafender Hase is a global leader in proofreading software and services for regulated industries.

Sarum was engaged by Schlafender Hase early in 2016 to help extend its brand across the Life Sciences and Healthcare markets. Sarum is applying its journalistic and content crafting skills and deep knowledge of the Life Sciences field combined with media outreach and placement services to achieve increased market awareness for the Schlafender Hase brand and solutions.

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Intelligence Node is a fast growth Retail Analytics company. Its solutions help brands and retailers to optimise their pricing, product and merchandising operations by using real time data to make better decisions.

Applying a combination of Intelligence Node’s big data and retail analytics technology and know-how, Retail organisations trade faster and make better decisions daily. More at and on Twitter @bigdataNODE.
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Neo4j is the Graph company. The creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database that brings data relationships to the fore.

Sarum was appointed in September 2015 to manage Neo’s Media and Analyst Relations in the UK. Sarum’s approach to Brand Journalism is proving hugely successful for this world leading Graph company and yielding significant coverage and brand awareness.

Carina took over PR for my company Neo4j almost 2 years back. It has been a revelation. My previous PR company delighted in garden parties and high-end social events for their clients and had rather a difficult time understanding our rather technical business domain. This resulted in the bulk of the PR work actually being delegated back to us as technical experts. It felt like we were paying for very little.

Carina has not only overturned those anxieties about the value of PR companies, but demonstrated that PR is not about frivolous things but instead about talent, hard work, and perseverance. Specifically, I work at a deeply technical software company (Neo4j) which provides graph database software to other software makers. It is not an easy thing to grasp, and is a non-trivial exercise to publicise.

Carina has strongly understood the nature and value of the software product my team builds. She has understood the market and competitive forces. And having understood all that (no mean feat) she has delivered an outstanding range of PR to a variety of leading vertical outlets and has gotten the attention of the all-important computing press too. What’s all the more impressive is that my team have only ever been asked for direction, and never been charged with delivery. Carina has corralled her team to take on that job.

I am looking forward to a great deal more fruitful collaboration in the years to come.

Jim Webber, Chief Scientist,  Neo4j

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Recommended by Sarum client, PLG, Amplexor Life Sciences approached Sarum to oversee and manage the launch of the newly branded life sciences content management group which brings together four powerhouses in life sciences technology and services: euroscript, Infotehna, ForeignExchange Translations, and Amplexor.

Sarum is directing and implementing the PR and communications around the new launch using a blend of traditional PR and Brand Journalism techniques.
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sopra banking
Sopra Banking Software is a global leader in software and IT services for banks and financial institutions. Its solutions help over 500 customers in 70 countries be more efficient, agile and responsive to business challenges.

Sarum manages Sopra’s day to day PR specifically offering services including media relations, video production, Twitter and LinkedIn, byline article and white paper crafting, case study production, EDM campaigns, corporate blog and survey management.  Find out more on Sopra Banking Software.

“Carina and her team at Sarum never failed to deliver results for me, either through coming up with concepts on how PR could be integrated into wider campaigns or simply pulling content together. Carina’s down to earth nature always reassures and her wide ranging industry contacts certainly hits the mark when trying to make an impact. Carina has always been a pleasure to work with and I would fully endorse and recommend her.”

Kris Andrews, Marketing Manager, Sopra Banking Software

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TotalMobile is a 29-year-old software provider which specialises in innovative mobile-working solutions for public and private sector field workers.

Its solutions are especially popular in health, social care and local government, being ideally suited to front-line workers who spend much of their time completing tasks in the community. The fast-growing company has over 25,000 users around the world, with customers spanning the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America. Find out more about TotalMobile.

“Carina and the team at Sarum have worked with TotalMobile for the last 2 years. During this time their experience and expertise has been invaluable in significantly increasing the organisation’s PR output and general profile. Their in depth knowledge of the IT and Health press has been particularly beneficial in establishing TotalMobile, in relatively new markets.

We’re delighted in the impact Carina has had, not just in our PR and comms efforts, but also our wider marketing strategies.”

Simon McIntyre, Marketing Manager, TotalMobile

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ProductLife Group is the leading, proven and trusted pan-European specialist outsourcing services provider for the Regulatory, Safety and Quality functions of the Life Sciences and Cosmetics industries.

Sarum looks after PLG’s PR, communications and media outreach, securing significant articles placement in Life Sciences and Healthcare press in the UK, Europe and USA.

More at ProductLife Group.

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Theorem is a full-service digital marketing company that delivers an extensive range of flexible, tailored services to help organizations plan, scale, manage and optimize their digital marketing initiatives.

Sarum manages Theorem’s PR in the UK and USA building its brand awareness through a combination of traditional and social media approaches.

More at Theorem Inc.

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Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) software company; The BIRT Company

Sarum has managed Actuate’s UK media and analyst relations for several years. (Complete co-incidence that Carina has the same surname as Actuate’s leading Open Source technology, BIRT – or is it? They liked her so much they named the company after her 🙂 ). Find out more about Actuate.

“I have worked with Carina and Sarum since 2004 and while many other agencies have pitched, impressed and outlived their usefulness, Sarum has been indispensable as we have migrated from an enterprise software to an open source based business model and has helped us message and communicate many major ideas.  I think the key strength that Sarum brings to the table is its ability to credibly harness key trends and morph company unique to create great news and influence.”

Leena Bengani, senior director, Corporate Communications, Actuate Corporation, San Francisco

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A thriving technology services company, Kainos has particular expertise in Healthcare and Public Sector.

Kainos specialises in three core markets – healthcare, financial services and public sector. Sarum has been engaged with Kainos for 5+ years and was part of the founding team behind the company’s award-winning Electronic Medical Record solution, Evolve.  Find out more about Kainos.

“Sarum manages PR and strategic communications for Kainos. Over the past few years, Carina has been hugely successful in crafting meaningful and incisive comms for us. She managed in a very short time to get under the skin of Kainos – to work out what makes us different and valuable – and has been able to articulate this for us. She’s been particularly adept – and often inspirational – in presenting Kainos and our Evolve product to the market honestly and with style.”

“Carina has made an enormous difference to us in Kainos – we value and respect her highly and really enjoy her open and good-humoured style.”

Brian Gannon, director, Kainos

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An integrated financial, project and agency management system.

Carina and the Sarum team have been working with Concept for 8+ years managing PR and marketing campaigns. Find out more about Concept.

“Concept has been working with Sarum since 2004. Originally we were looking for a PR company but we ended up with so much more. Sarum is at the heart of all our marketing and PR campaigns and we are regularly commended by clients and prospects for their high quality and impact.”

Ian Tomlins, managing director, Concept Integrated Systems

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A global provider of regulated business solutions for the life sciences industry

“During our tenure with Sarum they have been so much more than a public relations agency.  They have served us as trusted business advisers that look at our objectives and the results we are trying to achieve and work with us to construct a tailored, measurable program.  They provide us with everything we expect, plus a whole lot more.”

Anna Legoff, head of life sciences marketing, CSC Life Sciences 

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Europe’s foremost provider of document management, workflow and archiving technologies.

Sarum PR launched EASY Software in the UK in 2000. Since then we have won dozens of industry awards for our product marketing and PR campaigns. Find out more on EASY SOFTWARE UK.

“Our relationship with Sarum PR has gone from strength to strength over the past 14 years with Carina providing expert guidance and delivery on all aspects of the marketing mix. With the rapidly changing pace of business challenges for software providers such as ourselves, the experience of Sarum in understanding how the business engages both its reseller channel and end user customers has been invaluable to the management team in keeping the proposition fresh and relevant.”

“When the EASY Group undertook a rapid re-branding at the end of 2010, Sarum was able to deliver a completely new open-source based UK web-site from concept to implementation within two months. This received immediate international partner recognition and most importantly helped to raise the company’s profile at a time when it was reaching out to the influential community of analysts interested in enterprise content management and archiving.”

“We were particularly delighted when Carina won DM Magazine’s PR and Marketing Campaign of the Year for the launch of EASY’s Contract and HR Records Management solutions. This was the well-deserved culmination of a great deal of hard work by Carina and recognised the enthusiasm, creativity and innovation that I have come to expect across all the campaigns she undertakes for us.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sarums’ services to any business owner that needs a “safe pair of hands” in which to place their marketing and PR activities to get real results.”

Howard Frear, sales and marketing director, EASY Software UK

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AIIM is the global community for information professionals

In April 2013, selected for its industry reputation and expertise in Information Management, Sarum PR began its PR engagement with AIIM. In a few short months, Sarum had secured several contributed blogs and close to a dozen bylined articles across UK business and IT publications. Sarum is now fully retained and manages AIIM’s PR in Europe and the USA.  Find out more on AIIM.

“Carina is a switched on and energetic PR Consultant who deserves the glowing reputation she has created for Sarum particularly within the information management industry. She has made herself available on numerous occasions to provide advice when it’s needed and talks in a language that I can understand. Carina really cares for her customers, providing an excellent level of service backed up by a in-depth understanding of PR and Marketing”

Chris Fenton, AIIM

“Carina’s team at Sarum have dramatically improved AIIM’s media coverage with their very dynamic outreach. They understand our messaging on information management, and the ghost-writing service has saved me hours of re-writing articles to match specific briefs or verticals.”

Doug Miles, Research Director, AIIM

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Kallik is a global provider of labelling content management and artwork generation solutions for regulated markets such as the pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics and chemicals industries.

Sarum has been working with Kallik as its outsourced marketing and PR department for over 2 years. Managing communications, media relations, website, design, social media and drafting bylined articles and the corporate blog.

“The Sarum team is deeply experienced not only in technology PR but also in Life Sciences. Carina and the team have strong working relationships with Life Sciences editors and journalists and so have a great track record of securing coverage with this press group. The Sarum writers offer a blend of business and technology journalism coupled with Life Science matter knowledge. This is an unusual and powerful blend for a PR agency.”

Neil Gleghorn, CEO, Kallik

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SynApps is an independent services and solutions company specialising in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies including EMC Documentum and Alfresco.

Sarum PR is SynApps’s outsourced marketing and PR agency handling email campaigns, design, communication, website, media relations and social relations. Sarum writes and delivers the SynApps corporate blog – Connected Content. Find out more on SynApps
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VoiceSage is the company that enables automated real-time customer conversations. Founded in 2003 and head-quartered in Dublin and London, VoiceSage and its founders have deep heritage and experience in delivering transformational customer communications solutions that streamline and add value to high-volume outbound contact activities.

Sarum provides an extensive range of PR and social media services to VoiceSage. Media and social media relations, byline article pitching, crafting and placement, customer case studies and press releases.  Sarum also crafts the VoiceSage blog. Find out more on VoiceSage.

“The involvement of Carina and her team has transformed our ability to communicate with our target audience. Our approach is now planned, programmatic, and consistently delivers outcomes. The approach embraces both content development for inbound marketing and traditional media with a more strategic company positioning perspective. Carina and her team feel more like a natural extension to our team than an agency. On a personal level, she is incredibly easy to work with, and who doesn’t want to work with people you actually like?”

Paul Sweeney, Chief Product Officer, VoiceSage

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