UK Furniture Leader Fishpools Begins Digital Transformation With EASY








Bury St Edmunds, UK – September 11, 2017 – EASY Software UK is delighted to announce retailer Fishpools Furniture, the largest quality furniture store in the South East of England, has realised multiple digital efficiencies through use of its award-winning product suite.

Up until 2014, Fishpools stored all financial information and correspondence manually, which meant time had to be spent in paper-heavy business processes and workflows. The process had an effect on its ability to deal with queries, says the company.

Scanning and storage of Fishpools’ financial documentation with EASY’s technology has proven to be the answer, as Fishpools processes over 800 sales orders and delivery notes and around 400 invoices per week.

This now means team members are much more productive, as client, supplier and order information is far easier to store and search digitally as opposed to searching through filing cabinets.

Plus, it’s also hugely valuable for Fishpools to have all relevant sales, purchasing and financial information always available from an efficiency and regulatory point of view, as well as for immediate customer support and problem resolution.

Another benefit is increased physical space at the company, freed up by the ability to remove physical storage, says the company.

For Alice Norris, Fishpools’ Operations Director, “We got a return on investment from EASY, absolutely.

“We will continue to use EASY as the move to digital clearly benefits our business, and we expect our use of it to grow with us.”


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