Leading Nordic and Baltic Telco Launches Smart Homes Initiative Using Neo4j

Telia Company rolls out new graph-based smart home network, Telia Zone, to more than a million Swedish homes

LONDON, May 11, 2017 – GraphConnect Europe – Neo Technology, creator of the world’s leading graph database Neo4j, has just announced that Telia Company is using its graph technology software to power its new smart homes initiative.

With Telia Zone, the company has created a new digital ecosystem and platform for broadband connections already available for 1.2 million users – and graph-powered smart home management is a major feature of the service.

According to Telia Company’s Rickard Damm, founder and head of Telia Zone, “We believe we are unique and first in the world with this level of smart home connectivity.”

Using Telia Zone, the home owner can detect when people are entering or leaving the house, setting triggers and rules for adjusting heating, lighting – even appropriate musical accompaniment, like a favourite musical track greeting on entry, among other services.

A genuinely innovative smart home service, Telia Zone is employing the Neo4j graph database as a key part of its backend management.

That’s because the APIs it needs to work the service are stored as relationships between different types of events or different types of data, and Damm and his team decided graph databases are the best way to model such relationships.

As Telia Zone is expected to have 13 million devices as individual nodes, with 20-30,000 events per second, it’s also a sizeable IoT (Internet of Things) network – underlining the central contribution graph technology is expected to make to delivering the smart networks of the future.

“Neo4j can easily model complex relationships, plus it is highly flexible,” explains Damm. “We do not know exactly which APIs we will go on to develop, but Neo4j can create new connections on the fly and make new APIs out of any that may become desirable, which is also highly useful for us as smart home builders,” he adds.

“In addition, we want to explore AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning, and graphs are also the best way to handle that.

“Neo4j also stood out as especially agile, and we liked the possibility of Causal Clustering.”

Commenting on this innovative customer project, Neo Technology’s CEO, Emil Eifrem, noted, “We are delighted to be working with Telia Company on such an exciting, world-class project.

“Given the scale the of the data and connections that the smart home owner will demand, it’s only with scalable and highly functional software like Neo4j that consumers will get the smart home future they demand.”

Rickard Damm is set to discuss the significant contribution of Neo4j to Telia Zone at the GraphConnect Europe conference, Thursday, 11th May, in London. The event is Europe’s biggest graph database event of the year.

Telia is encouraging other developers to work on apps for Telia Zone. Find out more by visiting here.

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