When Carina set up Sarum 20 years ago, she strongly believed then as now that effective communication is a cornerstone to success in business. Pulling together an impactful communications campaign requires passion, honesty, creativity, flexibility and an eye for detail.  But above all it requires intelligence, agility, humour and experience – and we have these in spades!

Not a junior in sight!  We retain our youthful looks through a combination of great genes and expensive face creams.  Seriously though, by blending some of the brightest and most experienced talent in the market we create a personalised team for each client, drawing on subject expertise and knowledge to produce some of the freshest, most creative, most talked about campaigns.

carina birtThe Big Cheese – Carina Birt, Sarum Founder

Bossy, Irish with huge strategic IT PR and Comms know-how


Recently described by a long-standing client as having a ‘velvet touch’ on communications and PR,  Carina came to this discipline from the software industry, so unusually in the IT PR world, she understands what she’s writing about.20 years since founding Sarum, Carina  has a bustling awards cabinet, a fan base of very loyal and successful clients and is much in demand as a strategic communications and PR expert. Ridiculously experienced, with a sense of humour to die for, Carina lives and breathes social media, PR and communications – and to her shame is a loyal Liverpool supporter!

Meet Carina...

Media Relations and ResearchMedia Relations & Research

Ah the days of smoked filled rooms and 4 hour lunches..

.. are sadly no more. One of the fastest changing disciplines in our bag, media relations has gone through huge changes in the past few years as journalists/writers have adjusted and adapted to embrace different writing styles and information consumers across Web, Social Media and Blogs.

So too the media relations professional has had to adapt content, delivery style and communication medium to satisfy this new, ‘less is more’, quicker style of content consumption.

More than most, Sarum identified this sharper, more concise way to deliver content to journalists and editors, and our agility in embracing social media and fresh PR approaches has won us the hearts and minds of many IT and business writers, as well as a bunch of very contented clients.

amanda burgess

Amanda Burgess – is our highly experienced,  unassuming, quietly confident, brilliant media relations star. With more degrees than a thermometer, her intelligent approach to media relations makes her a much loved favourite of UK IT and business journalists and she comes with deep understanding and experience of market research –  a discipline that we have used to great effect at Sarum. 

Paul AllenPaul Allen – Paul, like Amanda ‘gets’ pitching, a rare skill in PRs today. A strong and popular addition to the Sarum team, Paul has a rich background in IT PR and thinks intelligently which is evidenced by his great success in securing many by-lined articles and podcasts for Sarum clients.  He’s a Tottenham supporter but he only mentioned that after Carina hired him!

jan-howells.smallJan Howells is a former Ziff Davis and VNU editor and made her switch to the dark side of PR some 7 years ago. A highly experienced PR and communications specialist, Jan is very much at home handling local, national and international PR campaigns. During her extensive career she headed up press campaigns for The Ecologist on all environmental issues and she has won numerous awards for her PR work.

libba-letton-smallLibba Letton has worked in media relations for more than 20 years across a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, high tech, public transportation, energy, and the food retail industry. Based in Austin Texas, Libba joined Sarum early 2014 as part of our US PR team. A mum to two boys Libba gets up at the crack of dawn to work out and get ready for her day – a practice we don’t expect to be mirrored by the UK chaps!. Libba, like others on the Sarum team, also speaks French which she studied at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Katie Olver – is a senior tech PR specialist with more than 15 years experience, both agency and in-house, B2B & B2C audiences. Katie has worked with a number of brands over the years including; Samsung, Gem, BitPay, Microsoft, Miele and more. Katie joins the team with well-established international media contacts, a successful pitching strategy and the ability to secure top tier press coverage for clients. Now finally Carina has someone to talk rugby with..

Who's in the team...

Web, SEO, Social MediaSocial Media Communications (Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs)

Is Social sounding the death knell for traditional comms?

Sarum has been dovetailing traditional media with social media for many years. Increasingly we see social media as a more accessible, impactful and responsive communications approach. Our social media communications team manages Twitter, LinkedIn and corporate blogs for most of our clients. Our client blogs are managed, written and delivered by some of the UKs finest bloggers. Take a look at some of them here, The DM Collaborators, Connected Content, All Wrapped Up

Gary FloodGary Flood – is a bit of a genius frankly.  Consistently voted the Grumpiest Journalist of the year, Gary doesn’t suffer fools gladly, eats PRs for breakfast and is about to outdo Amanda on the degree front.  One of the most talented and respected business and IT journalists in the UK, we’re proud to have bagged him as our blogger, the jewel in the Sarum crown.

Gillian ReadingGillian Reading – adds a touch of sanity to the Sarum team. The team detail meister, Gillian supports the social media and research teams with industry, market and technology research to support LinkedIn, Twitter and survey-based campaigns.

Who's in the team...

Social Media MarketingCreative Writing (eBooks, articles, white papers, case studies)

Communications that engage, across all channels

At the heart of Sarum is a team of talented, massively experienced writers.  Writers who can take the scantest of briefs and output the most creative and engaging pieces.  The core PR and comms team all fancy themselves as budding authors but it is the mix of styles that we offer that separates us from the crowd. We adapt our writing to suit the consumer’s increasing desire for ‘bite sized’ material and we tell stories through many types of media including animated film and video.

Sue TabbittSue Tabbitt – is one of the best known, nationally published, IT and business writers in the UK and has been part of the Sarum PR team for over 10 years. Sue never fails to surprise. Her ability to simplify complex IT propositions and deliver engaging, punchy and hard hitting articles is quite simply staggering. She turns out eBooks, round-table discussions, by-lined articles, white papers, web copy, case studies and news stories with such confidence and ease – they underpin our campaigns and our success.

Who's in the team...

Top Level Communications Strategy & DeliveryTop Level Communications Strategy & Delivery

Start a conversation today, the right way

So many PRs are removed from a client’s top level communications strategy that their role is confined to simply, or even randomly, executing tactical PR and comms.  With this approach we (The PR pro) and our clients, truly get what we deserve.

Not so Carina who leads our strategic communications workshops and client messaging strategies and who has developed the Communications Waterfall technique (coupled with the Content Hub). Carina has successfully implemented this approach with a number of  clients including Actuate, CSC, Kainos, Kallik, VoiceSage, SynApps Solutions and Product Life Group.

Carina BirtCarina Birt – Sarum’s Founder, Carina is at her happiest when creating, managing and delivering strategic communications campaigns.

19 years since founding Sarum, Carina  has a bustling awards cabinet, a fan base of very loyal and successful clients and is much in demand as a strategic communications and PR expert.

Who's in the team...

Web DevelopmentWeb Development

A tardis of opportunities and core to all we do

The Internet is invariably at the heart of many companies’ marketing strategy and is central to all that Sarum does. Website strategy and aims are key and so we dovetail them closely into PR and communications.

We put great store by the management and efficiency of a website ensuring a joined up campaign and marketing experience for the visitor. So we plan it, we design it, we write it, we build it and then we manage it and measure it.

Guy HoogewerfGuy Hoogewerf – is our laid back, unassuming English gent with more than 17 years experience building websites of every type. Guy remains at the forefront of practical web design, social media and SEO ensuring Sarum PRs’ recommendations are real, effective and fully integrated.

Andy TudorAndy Tudor – is warm, cuddly and an illustrator at heart. His creative input and fresh designs ‘wow’ our clients and inject humour and impact into electronic and print campaigns. Guy and Andy (think builder and designer) fight like cat and dog when building websites – but in a healthy way!

Dan RimmerDan Rimer keep us in technical check. The Sarum ‘foodie’, Dan specialises in infrastructure services and platforms for our clients. A self-confessed ‘Geek’ Dan genuinely enjoys getting his hands dirty, building PCs and solving hardware and telecoms challenges.

Who's in the team...

Design & BrandingDesign & Branding

Telling a visual story

Few PR agencies have design in their blood, often outsourcing tasks to a range of partners.  Not so with Sarum – we engage on design very early on in the client relationship integrating look and feel with content and attitude.

From logo, branding, website and electronic mailers through to print, brochures, exhibitions, video and social media, we deliver a consistent look and feel across all channels.  Our creative campaigns are a core part of our work and have won us many awards and happy clients.

Andy TudorAndy is the god of the colour pallette!  And wow does he know about design. A huge creative talent and a gifted illustrator and animator  Andy’s campaigns have transformed our clients’ image and brand and won much admiration and respect from fellow designers.

Who's in the team...

Analysis RelationsAnalyst Relations

There’s more to AR than the Gartner Magic Quadrant!

A specialist and often overlooked discipline, Analyst Relations requires a strong working knowledge of IT and the value that the analyst community can bring to a client. We get that completely.

Sarum has deep experience managing analyst relations from the global industry analysts to smaller niche market focused players, through to financial acquisition and merger firms.

Carina BirtCarina Birt – Sarum’s founder, Carina has been managing analyst relations for software and services clients for many years.  She is much regarded by the analyst community with a keen knowledge of which firms best fit which clients.

Who's in the team...

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimisation

Oh don’t get Guy started on this one…

Sarum has a very different outlook on this much hyped and misunderstood area of marketing. Dismissing the commonly held belief that being Number 1 on Google is the only way to attract quality business, Sarum takes this further; by making websites Number 1 on Google for keywords that turn into conversions or sales.

Sarum believes strongly that it is not about number of hits, its about quality of hits and as so we base our SEO efforts on measurable results i.e. enquiries and conversions that are pre-defined with our clients. Measuring sales against SEO also confirms for our clients that their website is reaching the right audience.

Guy HoogewerfGuy Hoogewerf – has been optimising websites almost since they first began, combining the need to make them fast and responsive with the need to score well in the Google Index. Guy employs the latest tools and reporting services to ensure SEO is strongly built into a website from the very early design stages.

Who's in the team...

Speaker & Award ProgrammesFilm & Creative Video

Behind the Sarum camera

We all love YouTube and video. As consumers we frequently choose video over any other communication channel to learn quickly and be entertained. Sarum engaged with this trend very early on and has been producing animated videos, company communication and recruitment videos for clients for many years. We are fortunate to have some very talented, experienced people to hand too. Take a look at some of our work

Martin BlackhamMartin Blackham has been working with visual communications for more than thirty years. A film maker, writer, script developer and producer Martin, together with Tony Judge, produces innovative and creative film-based solutions.

Tony JudgeTony Judge is a film maker, artist, photographer and web developer who has worked in film and TV and exhibited worldwide. Tony has significant experience specialising in the design and production of a wide range of visual marketing and new media communication services for industry, public sector, arts and education

Who's in the team...