VoiceSage Adds Innovative PCI-Compliant Payment Functionality Features To Core Product Suite

Proactive customer engagement leader’s customers to be offered highly functional PCI -compliant payment processing as standard to help users

Dublin & Birmingham – July 3rd  2017 – Customer engagement services leader VoiceSage is to start offering new payment functionality that means its brand users can set up a fully secure, automated PCI-compliant payment system for all their brand followers, with less than 10 minutes work.

The company has added a ‘Pay Now’ button into all Visual Touch Messages that exploits payment services from two of the biggest names in the online payment industry, PayPal and the popular Stripe payment card gateway.

The feature will at a stroke make it easier for VoiceSage clients to offer consumers the means to complete an interaction by allowing a financial transaction (for a product purchase), or for the customer to pay a bill or service a debt at speed and convenience.

And as the extension will retain the look and feel of PayPal and Stripe, which are popular, PCI complaint global standard gateways used by millions, that means users will find it tempting and safe to make a transaction.

The extension, all based on secure and enterprise level coding and available across any mobile device, will make VoiceSage-based proactive service interactions as seamless and efficient as possible, says the firm.

The extension aligns with the ongoing VoiceSage mission to do the ‘heavy-lifting’ at the back end for customers, minimising the amount of effort VoiceSage clients need to make to ensure their service offerings are as compelling and highly reliable as possible.

“This enterprise-ready payment widget, using best of breed payment services, is a strong addition to the personalised, proactive Customer Experience (CX) consumers demand in today’s super-competitive market,” said VoiceSage’s Head of Product, Matt Weil.

“Our customers can make their users’ experience friction-free by making it easy and highly secure to complete a financial transaction, or to pay a bill or service a debt at speed and convenience.”
About VoiceSage
VoiceSage delivers proactive customer engagement solutions that help companies streamline and add value to their high-volume, outbound contact activities. Its blue chip customers include Argos (Home Retail Group), Capital One, Thames Water, AXA Insurance and Shop Direct.

`These and other customers rely on VoiceSage technology to help them transform credit collections, delivery and appointment confirmations, amplify marketing campaigns and support other high-volume business processes in immediate and cost-effective ways, lowering costs and improving the customer experience.

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